ID21 Pte Ltd


Using interior design strategy to escalate educational publishing into the digital era


Founded in 1844, Pearson is one of the largest and most beloved brands in educational publishing in the world. We are all familiar with Penguin books, the Ladybird series and even The Economist.

In mid 2013, Pearson announced a new organisational structure that would accelerate their push into digital learning, consolidating their global divisional companies under one group. With any type of such corporate transformation calls for a need to reinvigorate the workplace as it evolves. And any pursuant workplace interior design scope would have to support this new demand for change adaptation and enhancement.

This is where ID21 came into place. Undertaking the study of their existing office and work styles, we were able to carry this leap forward for Pearson with a future-forward understanding of mobility, flexibility and versatility in their new organisational culture. The result is astonishing.

Today, even the country head operates boundary-less as one with his people. Open concept has truly taken over with a sense of transparency, openness and interaction. We can proudly say that this is simply one lively chapter we created for the workplace evolution of this 150 year-old brand.

Fast Facts

Our client’s company was founded by Samuel Pearson in 1844 as a building and engineering company. It was one of the world’s largest construction companies, having built the Blackwall Tunnel in the UK.