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Bordier et Cie

AWARD WINNING PROJECT: Fifth generation family of private bankers sets up Asia flagship in Singapore


It is not everyday that designers have the privilege of collaborating with a client from such illustrious heritage and one that also has the foresight to embrace design innovation at their workplace. At Bordier et Cie – with fifth-generation stalwart Evrad Bordier at the helm – this opportunity transpired into a world of possibilities for us to take over a double-storey, road-facing unit and develop it into a brand representative office that also serves as a client hospitality showcase.

We started our design collaboration process by scouring the Bordier et Cie repertoire of brand expressions for inspiration. The vital element that eventually captured and contained our attention was the oak tree in their company logo. This magnificent form of nature – a deeply rooted symbol of strength, life and openness – became our emphasis and motivation. A myriad of natural materials and elegant colours blossomed seamlessly from this concept, transforming talking points to actualisation. Visions became reality. The final outcome was an open, organic and modern workplace… and a very satisfied client.